The Company employs many Artistes each year mainly during the Summer Season. It is also has a developing Client base in Turkey through which there will be more opportunities for employment during the Winter Season.

The Company has the benefit of a portfolio of returning Artistes but is always on the look out for new quality performers who are not only prepared to commit to hard work in rehearsals and shows but who will also enjoy the benefit of free time in Greece, Turkey or onboard a cruise in the Mediterranean.

Our Company employs Artistes solely for its Production Shows and Artistes are not required to undertake any other duties or animation during their contracts with us

Each year we look to engage both male and female Artistes including:

* Dancers: who will join with others in presenting vibrant quality dance shows

* Musicians: to join various tribute groups

* Vocalists

* Classical Vocalists to perform in Il Divo and Celtic Women groups

* Capoeira performers

* Acrobats

* Speciality acts

Interested? Email: and tell us about yourself!